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Surfing in Midigama

Midigama in Sri Lanka is one of the best and safe place for surfing this season.You can enjoy with the clean and smooth waves there.

Sri Lankan Surfing

Are you brave enough to cope up with the rising waves of the sea? Then it is no doubt that you are a true lover of surfing.  Sri Lanka is a panoramic & a fascinating arena which has been dedicated by the god for surfing. If you plan to spend your vacation in Sri Lanka, do not forget to visit ‘Midigama’ which is situated in the down south coastal region of Sri Lanka, unless you are missing a huge opportunity to feel the exhilaration of truly adventurous surfing experience. At ‘Midigama’ which is belonged to the down south coastal region, you can experience all types of surfing such as body surfing, kite surfing etc… The windy climate & the  sea waves will lavishly serve you to enhance the quality of your vacation in here.

Ayurveda treatments

Hot Tuna provides traditional ,combined with ancient Ayurvedic treatments which include formula and rituals to soothe, calm, hydrate and treat the body, mind & soul.

Surf boards

You can hire any type of surfboards like short-board, long-board, fun-board, fish, gun and hybrid. There are also a number of other designs